Working to Produce the Modern King James Version for Our Generation in 2023

The purpose of The Modern King James Version Project is to faithfully produce a modern edition of the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible, in order to serve our generation with the word of God in today’s language. The King James Version was translated over 400 years ago in a different form of English than we use today; it is known as Elizabethan English, Shakespearean English, as well as KJV English. This stage of English was Early Modern English, whereas today we are in the stage of Modern English. Since the time that the KJV was translated there have been significant changes to the language in spelling, grammar, word meanings, and punctuation. The meanings of some words have changed. As a result, when readers come across those words, they can easily misunderstand their meanings. The difficulty lies in the fact that Bible readers may not even realize that the KJV is using an unfamiliar archaic meaning. We naturally receive the meanings that are common nowadays because that is what we know. But this is what leads to misunderstanding. If we use today’s meaning of a word, but the KJV is using a different older meaning, the result could either be confusion or failing to attain a correct understanding. Additionally, the outdated word forms and grammar can unnecessarily lead to awkwardness and problems with readability. For English speakers who are unfamiliar with the KJV, the text ends up sounding strange, unnatural, and foreign. And yet the KJV is an excellent and accurate translation of God’s word into English. The distinction between singular and plural pronouns is a major benefit of the version as well. There are many people today who trust the translation of the KJV as being faithful to the originals and correct in meaning, and they do not wish to use a translation that alters its meaning. What is the solution? It is time to produce a modern King James Version that faithfully updates the antiquated language without changing its meaning for a single verse, so that today’s English speakers who use the KJV can correctly and more easily understand the meaning of God’s word. Please note that the New King James Version (NKJV) does not merely modernize the language of the KJV, but actually translates many words differently. Aid us to make this project’s vision a reality. We would be glad to have more help from the body of Christ to serve the Lord with this new edition of his Scriptures. Also, this website is mainly being used as a tool to enable more people to find our project. The project’s primary website is located at Please go there for updates and more details. May God bless you in Jesus’ name.